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BREAKING NEWS: the European Space Agency has signed a contract with a European consortium to provide end-to-end responsive space transportation services. We’re pleased to announce that ScotSpace Ltd and the Prestwick Spaceport will act as the logistics, integration and operations support hub for the Scottish launch sites of the project, in addition to providing access to local launch services. More details here.

ScotSpace Ltd, the Scottish Space Corporation, aims to plan, design, coordinate, operate and promote NewSpace infrastructure development in Scotland.

Our main mission is to provide operational design and support for commercial space transportation services at Scottish spaceports, including Assembly Integration and Test, prelaunch, launch, in-orbit, decommissioning and deorbit operations.

Our second business area is Orbital Resources and Microgravity. The focus here is on commercial applications of microgravity and other environmental resources such as sunlight, pressure, radiation, temperature and electromagnetic gradients. In addition to the orbital resources, we intend to provide microgravity using suborbital and atmospheric platforms, the latter in the form of both dedicated aircraft and drones. Microgravity is a resource in itself for research, manufacturing and process development, but our microgravity activities are also in support of the future human spaceflight capabilities of the Prestwick Spaceport and elsewhere.

ScotSpace also hosts the NERV Initiative, where NERV stands for:
Virtual technologies

NERV is an acronym formed in analogy with STEM – Science Technology Engineering Mathematics – and similar acronyms.

We are located in Prestwick in close proximity to the Prestwick Air and Spaceport, the Prestwick Aerospace Park, the Machrihanish launch site as well as the academic and industrial Aerospace R&D centres in and around Glasgow, with all of these as our partners. NewSpace is here and now in Scotland, and is already yielding commercial benefits.

Underlying all of our activities is our commitment to sound practices in safety, sustainability and human factors engineering.

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Bernard Farkin is the Director of ScotSpace Ltd, and can be contacted at


ScotSpace Ltd

Company number: SC653831

ESA BU Code: 8000039592

Member of the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

Disambiguation: ScotSpace, the Scottish Space Corporation, is not affiliated in any way with the excellent company based in England named ScottSpace Limited, which can be found at http://www.scottspace.co.uk.