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News and Press Releases

26 July 2021. ScotSpace is mentioned in Italian for the first time!

D-Orbit ed Esa firmano un accordo per microlanciatori commerciali e nuovi servizi in-orbit

 By Francesco Durante

Ion Satellite Carrier

Un render grafico dell’Ion Satellite Carrier, sistema di trasporto e rilascio orbitale di D-Orbit. Credits. D-Orbit UK

20 July 2021. The European Space Agency has signed a contract with a European consortium to provide end-to-end responsive space transportation services. We’re pleased to announce that ScotSpace Ltd and the Prestwick Spaceport will act as the logistics, integration and operations support hub for the Scottish launch sites of the project, in addition to providing access to local launch services.

The full Consortium Press Release can be found here.

Orbital Resources and Microgravity

The focus here is on commercial applications of microgravity and other environmental resources such as sunlight, pressure, radiation, temperature and electromagnetic gradients. In addition to the orbital resources, we intend to provide microgravity using suborbital and atmospheric platforms, the latter in the form of both dedicated aircraft and drones. Microgravity is a resource in itself for research, manufacturing and process development, but our microgravity activities are also in support of the future human spaceflight capabilities of the Prestwick Spaceport and elsewhere.

Much more to come soon…

The NERV Initiative

N ewSpace

E ducation

R esearch

V irtual technologies

The objective of the NERV Initiative is to develop and utilise virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies in education and R&D for the emerging NewSpace industry in Scotland and beyond. In addition to these practical aims, it functions as a think-tank and intelligence service in support of technological and societal change facilitated by the NewSpace industry. One of the applications of this is planetary defence, where the ultimate aim of the NERV Initiative is nothing less than the long-term survival of human civilisation in the universe!

We regularly take part in planetary defence simulations such as the Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario at the annual Planetary Defence Conference. The 2021 edition can be found here: